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3Dmarks 2001

3Dmarks 2001 is program to test ability of your VGA CARD. This program can be used as by reference in measuring performa a VGA CARD. Although have been released since year 2001, this program still made by yardstick by all producer of hardware to test ability of his/its produced hardware. If you wish to buy a VGA CARD , it is better you ask result of test 3Dmarks 2001 VGA CARD.
Maximal value at 3Dmarks 2001 is 5133. Excelsior assess 3Dmarks 2001, ability excelsior of VGA CARD. But program 3Dmarks 2001 only testing ability of VGA CARD pursuant to Directx 8. If you wish to test ability of your VGA CARD with Directx 9, using 3dmarks 2003.

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